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Welcome to Anjali Yoga Therapy, LLC, and home page for Abby Hatfield, registered Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. In these pages, you will find information about Yoga Therapy and Yoga Classes, class schedules, useful links, resources, and information.
Yoga does not have a beginning or an end, but is an ongoing process of unfolding. The practices are accessible, wherever you are on your journey. After practicing yoga for nearly two decades, and applying the practices to life, I continue to find more depth and meaning. I am profoundly grateful for my teachers, and for the opportunity to teach and provide therapy. As translated from the opening line of the Yoga Sutras, “Now, the teachings of yoga.”

Namaste, Abby


AHN juh lee (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root anj, to anoint, honor]
Noun; Divine offering, gift. Salutation; a gesture of respect when the hands placed side by side and slightly hollowed are raised to the forehead.